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University of California Board of Regents Overturns Ban on Affirmative Action Programs May 16, 2001

UC Regent Ward Connerly's efforts in 1995 to cancel affirmative action programs in the University of California system  started the assault on affirmative action for all of California.
Read May 21, 2001 review of commentary by William Marshall, Los Angeles Times

 See News Update to learn about this decision.

The California Votes NO! on 209 website was dedicated to defeating the November ballot initiative, Proposition 209. It is now dedicated to reversing Proposition 209. Over 400 diverse, community-based organizations are also dedicated to these efforts. The so-called California Civil Right's Initiative, which is neither civil nor right, is really a deceptive attempt to constitutionalize gender discrimination and slam shut the doors of opportunity that women and people of color have fought so hard to open. We invite you to learn the real facts and join people who have launched a campaign against this attempt to both divide our communities and jeopardize the futures of young women and people of color.


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There are a variety of organizations that are working to reverse or undo Proposition 209. Please contact any of those listed under supporting organizations or links if you are interested in being more involved in reversing Proposition 209.

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